AMAROK Control Arm Lower LHS - 2.0TDI,2.0TSI

AMAROK Control Arm Lower LHS 2011- 2016 -2.0TDI -2.0TSI
SKU: 1104
Manufacturer part number: 100397
Manufacturer: Volkswagen
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OEM: 2H0407151A


This is a brand new, affordable OE Specification aftermarket replacement product. 100% Factory tested and built to strict quality control standard.

This product is a quality aftermarket, non-genuine Volkswagen  part.


An automobile control arm holds a car's wheels and tires to the car frame, while allowing wheel movement. The control arm essentially manages the wheels' motion in relation to the car's body by pivoting in response to variables in road conditions. This allows the wheels to lift and descend when hitting bumps or other obstructions while still maintaining a straight, perpendicular relation to the road. The automobile control arm's broad end connects to the car's frame and spins on a bushing. A bushing is a bearing that is inserted into a housing to allow rotary applications, or rotations. The narrow end connects to the steering knuckle and turns on a ball joint or flexible coupling. A steering knuckle is a type of ball joint that allows the wheels to pivot.

Defective Symptoms

Torn and worn out control arms or bent control arms will cause a car's steering to vibrate. This is a symptom that will become exacerbated the higher the speeds are and may become very noticeable at freeway speeds. Other potential causes of this symptom can be a bad alignment, bent wheels or unevenly worn tyres. Test the brakes. If the steering wheel shakes when you apply the brakes, the control arm bushings may be worn or the arms themselves may be bent. This can also be caused by bent wheels and warped brake discs, though.